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NOTE This Thumb Index is for your convenience How Index operates bend book backward to locate black block appearing on the first page of each group section These blocks are in the same relative position as this Group lnclex ALPHABETICAL INDEX 0 000 1 ciutci I 1 96O I 966 1 000 COOLANT GRILLE CORVAIR CHEVY II 2 000 I CHASSIS CH E L L E ELECTRICAL sY stEM 3 000 PARTS CATALOG CARBURETICIN 4 000 TRANSMISSION BRAKES Effective with Parts Release and Change Notice 65 10 Dated October 1 1965 BRAKES REAR AXLE AND DRIVE PARTS ORDERS TO BE PLACED BY CHEVROLET FRONT AXLIS DEALERS wml GENERAL morons mars mvisiou 7 000 FRAME SPRINGS GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION BUMPER 8 000 SHEET METAL HEATER NOTE All illustrations supplementary data and reference material is included in the 9 000 llustration and Special Information Catalog P A 25 Particular attention BODY MTG A R should be given tothe GeneraI Information section of this Illustration and cOND lNS lR Special Information Catalog for reference material and instructions which will lO 00O be very helpful in the effective use of this Parts Catalog WlNDSHlEl D DOORS CON1 ROLS All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication approval The right is reserved REAR GLASS to make changes at any time without notice in colors materials equipment specifications SEAT AND ADJUSTER and models and also to discontinue models 12 000 METAL TRIM CLIPS AND PANELS 13 000 BODY WIRING The prices shown in this catalog under the heading FLDG TOP TRIM List Price are suggested prices only 14 000 FLDG TOP PARTS INTERIOR TRIM 15 000 REAR TRIM MATS CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION YARDAGE 16 000 GENERAL morons co u onAnoN TRUCK INTERIGR AND PANELS E1 ItoI I MICHIGAN 48202 17 000 SGL AND DBL UNIT BODY PARIS 1965 P A 34 Revised Chevrolet Motor Division October l 1965 General Motors Corporation Litho in U A