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Illustration Catalog 41A September 1980
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F EY 2 A A A I VZ 4 il 4 4 44 1976 1981 4 IMPORTANT Passenger vehicles for 1976 thru 1981 contain many parts dimensioned in the metric system These parts are very close in dimension to familiar cus tomary measurements in the inch system It is important that during any vehicle maintenance procedure replacement fasteners have the same measurements as those removed whether metric or customary Mis matched or incorrect fasteners can result in vehicle damage or malfunc J tion or possibly personal injury Fastener sizes denoted on illustrations may not reflect metric dimensions However since the same vehicle may be built with metric or customary I fasteners care should be exercised in selecting replacement part equiva 4 I lent to the original fasteners in dimensions strength and pitch of thread Both metric and customary fasteners required for replacement are listed in 4 I the GM Parts Division Standard Parts Catalog 4 Aspecial GM Parts Division label saying Metric Fasteners Required in I red letters will be used to identify service parts which require metric fas I teners but replace parts which originally used inch fasteners This label will enable dealers and over the counter customers to quickly recognize parts which have changed to metric fasteners y SEPTEMBER 1980 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION 4 tt if y t N FLINT MICHIGAN 48554 4t I t t 1 it F4 7 P I 4 44 4 44 I A I V 1 A L il 1 l I i ri 3 ii i L r V V iirr i