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R a OpZ t its AssIs 4 maI 2 to f cIP B U QE I ESRI 2 M r IA 0 A H 4 T I t TRAM 758 V70 M CONTENTS 1960 69 A PREFACE I MASTER PARTS CATALOGUE N 691A INTRODUCTION MODEL DENT F Cm FOR CAMARO SEE YELLOW PAGES MECHANICAL DATA ILLusTRATIoNs A CHASSIS ENGINE CLUTCH 0 0 COOLlNG OlLlNG 1 ELECTRICAL 2 000 I Ill I FuEL E HAusT A 3 g g A K 9 TRANSMISSION I BRAKE CONTROL 4000 A l K3 6 BRAKE OPERATING 4 T REAR AXLE 5 000 I IIIIVII T TT WIT SPRINGS BUMPERS 7 000 I T SHEET METAL 1 AI HEATER PARTS 8 I00 INSTRUMENTS MIT TII UI MISCELLANEOUS 9 000 I L in I YOUR Bcvv DODRS I PARTS CH NNELS N CATALOGUE AAO ALDTAAA SAAT AAATA upqo GE BODY MOULDINGS A T TURN PA SHEET METAL 12 000 A WIRING HARNESS T FOLDING TOP 13 00O lIA t 2 iSEAT BACKS 14 I CIAI III ETs MATS 15 000 All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are INDEXES based on the latest information available at the time o1 pub ica tion General Motors Products of Canada Limited reserves the right to modify discontinue or change materials models and ACCESSORY LISTINGS FOLLOWING specifications at any time without notice ALPHABETICAL DATA II Ii I5 1 3IIiI I 4C TAI IT IiI Ii R 1968 SUPERSEDES CATALOGUES Nos 6131A X691A NUMERTCAL SECTION GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCTS OF CANADA LIMITED OSHAWA ONTARIO