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F O R It A ROLET t J no It Effective October 7 1962 Supersedes Parts Catalog eftective October 1 1961 P A 30 PARTS ORDERS TO BE PLACED BY CHEVROLET DEALERS WITH GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION WAREHOUSES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT THE FOLLOWING POINTS 1 Xtlanta Georgia Denver Colo Long lsland City Philadelphia Pa Des Moines Ia N Y t Baltirnore Md D hOit Mich Louisville Ky Pittsburgh Pa Birmingham Ala E1 paso Texas Port1a d Oregon Memphis Tenn Boston Moss Englewood N l Milwaukee Wis Fhchmond Virginia Buffalo N Y A g MN hD Mhm pO1 s Mig t Louis Mo 111 1C Charlotte N C Great Fans Mmm New Orleans LQ oalt Lake City Utah tchicugol m Houston Texas O k1CmdI CCL San Antonio Texas Cl Clm li Ohio Indianapolis Ind Oklahoma City S I t PCL Cleveldlld Ohio Iqcksonville Fla Ok1 V H NUYSI Cuhi Dallas Texas Kansas City Mo Omaha Nebr Wichita Kansas Master Warehouses Maj0 r Supply Depots Factory Warehouse l GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION DETROIT Z MICH All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication approval Chevrolet Motor Division reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in colors materials equipment specifications and models and also to discontinue models The prices shown in this catalog under the heading List Prices are suggested prices only 1962 P A 30 Revised Chevrolet Motor Division October 1 1962 General Motors Corporation Litho in U S A