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1967 68 CONTENTS PREFACE NO INTRODUCTION MODEL IDENTIFICATION MECHANICAL DATA ILLUSTRATIONS FOR CORVAIR SEE WHITE PAGES I CHASSIS X ENGINE CLUTCH 0 000 I I I COOI lNGr OILlNG 1 000 ELECTRICAL 2 0 All illustrations and specifications contained FUEL EXHAUsT 3000 in this literature are based on the latest infor WNSMMON V I U I BRAKE CONTROL 4 O00 mation available at the time of publication BRAKE OPERATING REAR AXLE 5000 General Motors Products of Canada Limited FRONT SUSPENSION STEERING 6000 reserves the right to modify discontinue or svaiues 7 BUMPERS 7 000 change materials models and specifications I SH HEIEIERMSJIQIS 8 at any time without notice lI 2L E l Q us 9 BODY IPIAIIQSIAIARE GLASS 10 000 Ill 5 s sw r AR rs 2S TM a a N 1 A iL l5J i5l S 13 I SEAT BACKS 14 000 I CIARIVILETS MATS 15 000 INDEXES EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1957 SUFERSEDES CATALOGUES Nos 67lA X6B1A Accassonv Lisnues FOLLOWING i mr m o in CANADA DATA NUMERICAL SECTION GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCTS OF CANADA LIMITED OSHAWA ONTARIO I c t t r a L i r s M W r rs