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Parts Catalogue No. 745B June 1976 Engine - Clutch ->
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IHUUIX I 1965 66 SERIES so THRU seo 1967 69 sERIEs 40 THRU 960 1970 74 SERIES 40 Tunu as 1965 74 CONTENTS It I MASTER PARTS CATALOGUE N0 7455 I RETAIN CATALOGUE No 705B FOR 1958 64 APPLICATION PREFACE 1 k For 1965 66 Series 10 thru 940 1967 69 Series 10 thru 930 and INTRODUCTION MODEL IDENTIFICATION I 1970 74 Series 10 thru 35 See Master Parts Catalogue No 745A MECHANICAL DATIQA ILLUSTRATIONS A cHAssIs Fr I A A i I ENGINE CLUTCl I I gpm coouwo O LING I Logo 4 ELECTRICAL I I 2 00g I I i C FUEL EXHAUST 3 qg0 ll will gRAi gM IS I 4 BRAKE OPERATING A 5 000 w REAR AXLE A mom SUSPENSION 6 000 IW I I STEERING KEY T0 USING SPRINGS BUMPERS 7 oou I Y0 UR I PARTS EEEIIRMEIQIS 8 N I CATALOGUE I g Ir g rum PAGE 0 I E I I IYl IIEi S 16 EIIIEFLOQIADISSD A 17 Q AII illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are INDEXES based on the latest information available at the time of publica tion General Motors of Canada Limited reserves the right to modify discontinue or change materials models and specifica ACCESSORY LISTINGS FOLLOWING tions at any time without notice P ALPHABETICAL DATA I NuMERicAL I SECTIO I OSHAWA Y ONTARIO r