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1967 73 CONTENTS PREFACE MASTER PARTS CATALOGUE No 731A lNTRODl CTlON MODEL lDENYlFlCATION MEG lAN AL DATA iLLUSTRATlON CHASSVS mem V CLUTCH 0 000 com imc 0ll imc 1 000 clecrmcar 2 000 z W 4 rum 7 i r usr 34000 Z 4 TRANSWSSOON 4000 X 41 i l BRAKE CON mm Q VVVVV V BRAKE OPERATING 5 000 nam Axiz M p l P N51ON 6 g00 l V ii si m es uMr Rs 74000 M mi W 4 Hm THE i I 8 iqgy Tg USING li iEi EE J U5 9 3 YOUR BODY PARTS s 2i2se R m GATA OGUE l am PARTS N gg gTMh 1 l lNGS 2 000 NTT ib l i Sm 13 l l LJ2 T Sw iam l TR M W CA Rl ETS MATS 151 00 All ilmalvmions and specillcationa ccniained in this literature are WDEXES based on the latest iniurmalien available at the time of publica tion General li ioiors ei Canada Limited reserves the rigljt to modify disconimue cr change rnalenals models and specilica Acceszcnv xemacs FOUDWXNG tions an any time wifnoui notice ALPHABHTWAL DATA 1972 SUPERSEDES CATALOGUES Nov TMA Br XTMA NUMCRIBAL SECTION I OSH XWA ONTl RlO