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Chassis and Body Parts Catalog P&A 61 September 1979
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5 I I I K A I ATTENTION PARTS MANAGER The September Chassis and Body Data and Illustration Parts Catalogs have been updated in their entirety and include the latest I980 model and usage information L available l A DATA V BELT CHARTS GROUP I 066 The V Belt charts contained in the V Belt Catalog have also been incorporated into this catalog and are shown at the end of the I 000 l group MOLDINGS GROUP 8 I32 I2 I I2 12 1 I4 AND I2 I I6 These groups have been revised to show chrome moldings separate from color moldings Attaching parts are listed under color moldings ILLUSTRATION PART NUMBERS Part Numbers have been added to two new areas Front and Rear Lamps and Roof and Luggage Racks Overall there has been a 53 increase in part numbers over the I979 program I980X DRIVELINE Per your request all 1980X Driveline Illustrations have been published with part numbers BODY MOLDING CLIPS Many additional high NPN Clip and Retainer Illus trations have been added I S EMISSION VALVES Many additional Emission Valves Fittings Connectors and Switches have been illustrated GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION FLINT MICHIGAN 48554