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Master Parts List Six Cylinder Models August 1941 Alphabetical Index ->
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Alphabetical Index g TT MTWR V TTTT TTC I I I TTT BREWER TWTTTTT 4 I TETRA M Engine 0 000 Clutch 0 795 NI A STFR l 0iling 1 426 PART 5 PRIC E L I ST IF J Z 004 Z 999 Fuel System f 2 000 Carburetor 1 3 725 CHASSIS AN D BOD f PARTS 3 l Transmission fox 4 000 4 447 A W Brakes i E l 4 59l 5 Z66 EE f Rear Axle Propeller Shaf I 5 387 5 547 SIX CYLINDIEIR IN IO DE l 1S 19219 194 ll 1 Universal Joint zr11 w1 1 1A0g 1 1 1941 B2 Supersedes Master Pam Price List eltective February 1 1941 I A 30 5 9 Front Axle PA RTf1 C RD RE TO BE PLACED BY 6 008 CHE VR OL E I DEALERS WITH Knee Action 6 351 I II GENERAL Ml CJT ORS PARTS DIVISION steering GENERAL MOTORS SALES CORPORATION 1 6 508 6 999 WAREHOUSES CONV1ENI EN TLY LOCATED AT THE FOLLOWING POINTS Amarillo Texas Detroi1 Mlich Long lsland City Peoria Ill Frugeiihocl Atlanta Georgia El Paso llexas N Y Pbil d lPhl 1 Pu sor rs Baltimore Md Fargo N D Los Angeles Cal lPm buY9h1 Pc Birmingham Ala TFlint Mich Louisville Ky P l1 d M m Blo0mfielcl N I F0rt W orlh Texas Memphis Tenn Pt ru d Or g9n springs Boston Mass Great Falls Monk Milwaukee Wis BlC1im PdQ g1m Buffalo N Y Harttorcl Conn Minneapolis Minn l t 1t Eu CT Ut h 412 1 502 Cleveland Ohio Houston l e xas New Orleans La 5211 Aztgnic yiugs Charleston W Va Indianapolis Ind Norwood Ohio Hasan Frcmcis o Cul Charlotte N C Jacksonville Fla T Oakland Cal ttrsaqttle Wash Tue rr r Chicago Ill Ianesville Wis Oklahoma City gh 6 9i m tI L 7 603 D n CT lo Kansas Clity Mo Okla W hi I K Dis llihinwag Ia Little Rock Ark Omaha Nebr WiTkdsi1Bar TSBE1 Bun Pers 7 79 M st r Warehouses Faczizory Whse Saginaw Mich chassis sheet Subsidiary Warehouses Not au ll1orized to receive direct Governmcsmil Purchase Orders M t 1 8 0 lMaj0r Supply Depots St I ld l d Pdlt 8 900 CHEVROLIEIT IVICITOR DIVISION Miscem GENERAL MO TO RS SALES CORPORAT ONl I EZl l R C IT M1c1 1 Prices sulbjiecit to change without znotice s PPl m t Y Data Section Copyright 1941 General Motors Sales Corporation P A 30 Re i cgi August l 1 jf i51 4 3 Litho in U S A 1 e A e A