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Standard Parts Catalog 24 June 1971
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I I CHEVRUT ET T I il ANTI ll ENT El0ATl0N NUMBER l 0ATAl Ul0 BRUUPS 8 800 8 890 THRU 8 00T Revision N0 l Reprinted in its Entirety Effective June 1 El 7Tl PARTS TURUERS T0 BE PLAOE ll Bll 0l EVR0lET UEALERS llll TH IBENERAL MOTORS F AR llS 0 V S 0N All illustrations andl specifications contained in this literature are based on the latest production information available at the time of publication approval Chev rolet l lotor Division reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in colors materialzs equipment specifications and models and also to discontinue models Parts Listed with a 1 are items stocked at General ll Iotor Truck Division Warehouses HEVROLET MUTIUR ll ll lS 0N 43 El ERAL iviomrzs coiar i nAm N Damon Muze moz T971 CHEVROILEET NTCTTOR DIVISTON GENEETRAL IVIOTORS CORPORATlON P A 24 T