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Truck Parts Catalog 31S June 1971
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NOTE This Thumb Index is for your convenience How Index operates bend book back wards to locate black block appearing on the first page of each group section These blocks are in the same relative position on this Group Index INDEX M ALPHABETICAL CHEVRDLET NDEX ILLUSTRATION TRUCK PARTS CATALDD NDEX o ooo ENGINE CLUTCH P 1938 l97D Series 4D thru CD Trucks COOLANT GRILLE ieee series an S S E M z ooo C L M T UTrucks T T T T ELECTRICAL SYSTEM sooo I uEI Ex IAusr cAnauaEtIoN REVISION NO 2 REPRINTED IN ITS ENTIRETY 4 000 EFFECTIVE JUNE 15 1971 TRANsMISsI0N BRAKES T PARTS DRDERS TD BE PLACED BY CHEVRDLET DEALERS Sm WITH GENERAL MDTDRS PARTS DIVISIDN AXLE Amo DRIVE WAREHOUSES coNvENIENTLv LOCATED AT THE FOLLOWING POINTS e ooo AtIanta Georgia Denver Colo New York N Y Omaha Nebr FR 1 Ri E Baltimore Md Detroit Mich Louisville Ky Philadelphia Pa Birmingham Ala El Paso Texas A Martinsburg W Va Pittsburgh Pa Boston Mass Fargo N D Memphis Tenn PortIand Oregon 7 OOO Buffalo N Y AFIint M h Milwaukee Wis Richmond Virginia Charlotte N C Great Falls Mont MinneapoIis Minn A St Louis Mo FRAME SPR NGS Chicago lll Houston Texas Newark N J Salt Lake City Utah BUMPER Cincinnati Ohio Indianapolis Ind New Orleans La San Antonio Texas Cleveland Ohio Jacksonville Fla Oakland Cal Los Angeles Calif DaIIas Texas Kansas City Mo Oklahoma City 8 000 okia SHEET METAL HEATER Master Warehouses A Major Supply Depots Factory Warehouse sooo All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the 39pY MTG AIR latest production information available at the time of publication approval Chev ND N5TR rolet Motor Division reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice igocjcgzrs materials equipment specifications and models and also to discontinue 10 000 45 000 MISCELLANEOUS The prices shown in this catalog under the heading List Prices are suggested BODY PARTS prices only 1e ooo A wIN sI uEL I AI its CHEVRDLET MDTDR DIVISIDN GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION 17 000 DETROIT A IICH 48202 soL AND DBL umt aonv mints 1971 CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORA TlON P A 31S