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IN T E1 This Thumb Index is for your convenience How INDEX operclless Bend book backward to locate blacxk spots appearing on the Iir s1r page of each giroup section These spots are in the same relative position as this GROUP INDEX I N D E X I Alphabetical I I Index I I Engine 0 000 I I I Clutch 0 795 I I W I Cooling 1 000 PARTS PRICE II T L I I I hb P I I Electrical 2 0 4 2 Fuel System III I 3 000 VR OLET curbumor z I zs I I Pull 3 900 I K Transmission Q MODE LI 1929 1946 m T Brakes I I EIIIecII1ve IuIy I I946 4 S91 5 266 I Supersedes Master Parts Pw i e List eltltective April 12 I945 P dk A 3D I I Rear Axle PARTS ORDERS TO BE PIrAI JI D I 3Y CHEVROLET D lEAhl RS WITH Propeller shaft III I I I 5 387 5 547 I GENERAL MO II ORE5I PARTS IDIVIEELION I oizurmm ll IC I ORS conponmrcm Universal Joint I I Brake Drums I wzmimouszs co1vvz1v11 m 1 Y Locnzrzn AT THE ro1 LowirNa POINTS I 5 548 5 999 It Amarillo Texas El Paso Texas Los Angeles Cal Ph ila lelphia Pa I I Atlanta Georgia Fargo N D Louisville Ky Pittsburgh Pa Front I Birmingham Ala I Flir1t Mich Memphis Term Portland Maine Knee ACRIOD I I B1OOmfg 1ClI N Fort Worth Texas Milwaul ee Wis Pc rtIand Oregon 6 35 I Boston MoSs Great Falls Mont Minneapolis Minn Richmond Virginia I I Bufful N Y Houston Texas New Orleans La ISt Louis Mo I Clevelcind Ohio Indianapolis lncl Norwood Ohio Salt Lake City Utah Sfgggigjg I Ch l N G IEiI Z 5l IIi rIIIY I gE EE 1I q Ily iEIE i I I E ZIi 6 5 I g IiI C 1 f Kansas City Mo Okla Se a tle Wash I 95 i s Long I lc nd City Omaha Nebr Sl reveport La Hgh I Detroit Mich N YS I Peoria Ill Wichita Kansas Ftugt igrbersck I Master Warehouses I 1 41 I I Subsidiary Warehouses Not autho riz ed to receive direct G vernme nt PiaIrch ise Orders 1 l I I I IMajor Supply Depots I II I Fact0ry V Iarehouse I 7 I The suggested resale list prices disuzounts and allowances in this ceatalogue dated luly l I uu I I 1946 are the maximum resale prices for the parts listed herein in accordance with maxi mum price req lat on 453 WHC LlIZSAlQ ER E AND RETAIILERIS MAXIMUM PRICES FOR s gr I Auromorivr igA12is Or the oisce II Price Irlrimmrsimuon Tg j f f 7 I I I I I I CH E VROL E2T MOTOR DIV1 SLIOIN Qliggjis hI GENERAL ll ITOITORES CORPORATION I standard urts I r r Tl1e2o 1 1 2 M1cH I 8 9 I Prices suibjieczt to chainige without notice NHSUJEH I I 9 000 9399 W Wow I raoa rr o o Wi o o l o oo no oo o o o r r r r SuFP1 m t TV V ii DGEG I Copyright 1946 General Motors Corporation P iiA 30 Fgewgsed I I 1 u y l l 4 I I MO P Se I2 Z I