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W N This Thumb Index is for your co nveni ence How INDEX per fe s L Bengqk backward to locate black spots appearing on the first page of each gmertion These spots are in the scume relative position as I his GROUP INDEX I N D E X l TZ Zw Z EEiE EZ fET Alphabetical Index I1 Engine 0 000 I x 1 I l Cooling 1 060 l I l PARTS PRICE L ST Electrical 1 2 004 2 892 4 I F 0 R Fuels System WEA 001 Carburetor 3 124 v Pump 3 900 dgig g Transmission 4 003 4 447 MODELS 1 9Z9 1947 Brakes Effective Jurly I 7947 4 589 5 2 l Supencdes Master Parts Prlcen List elluctlve July 1 1946 P lk ll 30 Req Ax g Propeller Shaft PARTS ORDERS TO BE PLACIEILD BY CHEVROLET D EAI iELRS WITH 5387 5 546 GENERAL MOTCPRS PARTS DIVISION Universal Joint Brake Drums GENERAL lVl T RS CORPORATION 5 WAREHOUSES CONVENIENTLY JLOCATED AT THE FOLLOFVING POINTS Front IAxle 6 Amarillo Texas Detr0it Mich Louisville Ky lPittsel u 1 gh Pa KIIEE ACREOH t Atlanta Georgia El Paso Texas Memphis Tenn EPortla1 d Maine 635 Baltimore Md Fargo N D Milwaukee Wis Portla1 d Oregon Birmingham Ala T Flint Mich Minneapo1is Minn Richmond Virginia t Bloomiield N I Fort Worth Te x 1 s New Orleans La list L 0 1i M9 st flllg Boston Mass Great Falls Mo11 t Norwood Ohio Salt L k Q1tY i Ut h 6 508 6 890 Buffalo N Y Houston Texas i Oakland Cal gig glggzig o EEZ Charlotte N C Indianapolis Ind Oklahoma City Q cmc g 111 Iacksonville 11 one f jQ i q Qg F sh k Cleveland Ohio Kansas City Mo Omaha Nebr h 1v4 l t La Absorbers Denver Colo Long Island City Peoria Ill Van Nuys Calif 7 003 7 401 Des Moines Ia N Y Philadelphia Pa Wichita Kansas Master Warehouses Springs Subsidiary Warehouses Not authorized to receive direct Government Pu rch 1s zz Orders 7 41z 7 537 TL lajor Supply Depots l F rv W r b e Tire Carrier 7 605 Bumpers 7 792 CHEVROLET MOTOR DI VIlEi I D N I fjj h GENERAL M Zl T ORS CORPORATION standard Parts r 1 12o1 r 2 1v11c1 1 8 899 Prices subiect tho change without notice Misceu pi 9 008 9 9l0 e e w7 ee e e e e F 4r e e e 4 ee F Supplementary Dato av Q 6pyright 1947 General Motors Corporation P A 30 Revised 115 Iuly 1 1947 siumerncal Litho in U S A M I gg35