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NOTE This Thumb Index is for your convenience How Index operates bend book back A TV V wards to locate black block appearing on the first page of each group section These blocks I are in the same relative position on this Grouo Index I A INDEX A I T I A A ALPHABETICAL f T T T T T A mogx c vR T m I T T T T A T 0 INDEX I I I A I ENGINE I T T A T T CLUTCH I lur I T T I COOLANT GRlLLE I OILT SYSTEM 1945 1912 Series 1 lI thru 30 I R A T T CHASSIS 0 T A I ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Printed in its Entirety Fu5L 5xI4Au r S T Effective MBY 1979 T I CARBURETION R T 4 000 V I T I A I r TRANSMISSION PARTS DRDERS TD DE PLADED DY DIIEVRDLET DEALERS mites I I A WITH GENERAL MDTDRS PARTS DIVISIDN me I T A I I P T I BRAKES REARA I I AxLET AND DRIVE 1WAREHOuSES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT THE FOLLOWING POINTS A AtIanta Georgia Livonia Mich New York N Y Omaha Nebr I Fn0 i q XLE T A L T Baltirnora Md Denver Colo Louisville Ky I Philadelphia Pa T I Boston Mau Detroit Mich AMartinsburg W Va Pittsburgh Pa I STEERING T Buffalo N Y T I MinneapoIis Minn Portlend Oregon T Chicaho lll I Houston Texas Newark N J l Ilm d Viflllillil I 7 mo C n in atI Oh I d I Ind New O I L I I L l M0 om Jzclzrtggralz Fla YO klan d m aI s m Fe Springs cam FFIAM PRING o II Texas umm ca y wI okrsmm cw BUMPER Okla I lVlester Warehouses A Maior Supply Depot Eaetory Warehouse T A 8 T T T T T T SHEET METAL I I I A T I 4 HEATER I All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the gpm P latest production ihformation available at the time of publication approval Chev gqpy M1 G A R A rolet Motor Division reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice g p Ng1 R T in colors materials equipment specifications and models and also to discontinue T T I T I I 10 000 15 000 A I A T MISCELLANEOUS BODY PARTS I A A A A T 16 000 TI T I T WINDSHIELD PARTS GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIVISION P E SDSLS I R GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION 17 000 T O FLINT MICHIGAN 48504 Tsct AND ost I T T I A UNIT BODY PARTS GM PA r I rs DIVISION GENERAL morons coRI oRATi0N cI IEvI IoI E r 72 rL