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Chassis and Body Parts Catalog 72TM May 1979
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I I C I i I e I A INDEX y t S y A ALPHABETICAL S fs BHEVRDLET I ILLUSTRATION TRUCK PARTS CATAIIIG NDEX I D D A 0 000 A f I A ENGINE I A CLUTCH l946 l9T2 Series 4D thru 60 Trucks A I COOLANT GRlLLE l966 Series BD SYSTEM M li 2 000 E I2 L M T llTrucks 1 1 1 7 A ELECTRICAL SYSTEM L B E I i I I 2 000 FUEL EXHAUST t 0 Printed in its Entirety CARBURETION Effective May 1979 N 4 000 A TRANSMISSION BRAKES PARTS DRDERS TD BE PLACED BY DHEVRDLET DEALERS Sm I BRAKES REAR WITH GENERAL MDTDRS PARTS DIVISIIIIN Am ANU VE WAREHOUSES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT THE FOL LOWlING POINITS 6 000 g it S I A Atl ii ts o c I AM rr b w v PI rad I ii P A FRONT AXLE l I a ta eorgia enver oo a ins urg a ii ep ia a Baltimore Md El Paso Texas Memphis Tenn Pittsburgh Pu STEERING Birmingham Ala A Flint Mich MiIwaukea Wis Pc rtland Oregon Boston Mass Houston Texas Mi nneapoIIis Minn Richmond Virginia 1000 A N B ffalo N Y Indianapolis Ind New k N J A St Lou Mo Chlarlotte N C Jacks0nville Fla Newagrleans La Salt Lal City Utah FRAME sPmNG Y Chicago lll l ansas City Mo Oakland Cal Santa Fe Springs BUMPER I 1 Cincinnati Ohio New York N Y Oklahoma City Calif Cleveland Ohio Livonia Mich Okla V A DaIlas Texas Louisville l y Omaha Nebr 8 000 SHEET METAL i s HEATER T 5 I Master Warehouses i Major Supply Depots Factory Warehouse L QV B 9 000 A I A All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the BODY MT A R Q latest production information available at the time of publication approval Chev g D N3Tn rolet Motor Division reserves the right to makeichanges at any time without notice i 0 2 rs materials eouipment specifications and models and also to discontinue 1 000 15 000 I 1 A g g MISCELLANEOUS D I P BODY PARTS A eh 4 I 1 6 000 t A Qjfi I t WINDSHIELD PARTS 4 J A GENERA L morons r AnTs orvrsrou S I f I A GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION 17 000 i A FLINT MICHIGAN 48504 SG AND DBI Yr C A Y g UNIT BODY PARTS j j AGM PARTS DIYIEION GENEHALMOTORS CORPORATION ci IEvROLET 7 z l M t jf g i i aee T j g i e I e 3 L I A Q I J ll iy l f L je i griwg e T s I I E g