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School Bus Chassis Parts Book 82TM-SB-F July 1983
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so ATTENTION PARTS MANAGER F I 82TM SB F A A SCHOOL BUS CHASSIS PARTS BOOK JULY 1983 This parts book has been completely revised and replaces 82TM SB R dated April 1982 This edition is expected to be the final printing of the 82TM SB parts book Refer to the current Part Number Replacements and Supersessions Book for the latest part number information AR AS REOUIRED PARTS There are no pound sign symbols used to designate AR As Required parts in this printing Reference should be made to the latest AR listing to determine if a part has an As Required status L f IMPORTANT PARTS BOOK NOTES Throughout the partsbook are important notes that can assist you inthe proper selection of your parts Refer 1 to these Notes for instructions when using this publication for pertinent partsidentification information Examples of notes 5 386 Axle Rear 2 0010A Note Rear axle assemblies are available for service while in current production otherwise order compo nent parts 5 120 Chamber Brake 4 0890 Note Refer to the brake chamber assembly charts for details I USE OF ASSEMBLY CHARTS Assembly charts have been incorporated into various sections of this parts book These charts are located at the beginning of a maior group following the subgroup index Only the assembly and assembly components are listed in these charts Loose items and attaching parts which connect to the assembly will be found in their appropriate text group ln order to use these charts you must first identify the correct assembly number from the model usage infor mation found in the assembly text group of the parts book the vehicle broadcast sheets supplemental broad cast sheets or the major component part number label located on the passenger s sun visor Then turn to the appropriate chart and locate your assembly number which will be listed at the top of each chart in numerical sequence Component parts within the assembly will be found vertically under the assembly number and are listed in noun name alphabetical sequence I f WAREHOUSING DISTRIBUTION DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION TRUCK PARTS PUBLICATIONS DEPT A BELLEVILLE MICH 48111