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Corvair Chassis Shop Manual Supplement December 1967
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section mosx cmmi m 0nmAnoN Ann LUBRICATION C H E T n mom suspension num susvmsnou CO RVAI R CI IIASSIS H SHOP MANUAL II suP EMENT ml AIR nmtcnou moon svsrzm 6Y moms nzcrmclu FOREWORD 7 numsmnssrou crurcn This supplement has been prepared for use with the AND CONTROLS 1965 Corvair Chassis Shop Manual and covers service information peculiar to the 1968 Corvair TUE TANK AND EXHAUST Summaries of Special Tools when required are found SYSTEM at the end of major sections while Specifications covering ilie aliigi components are presented at the rear of the STEERING All information illustrations and specifications con tained in this literature are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication approval WI IEEI S AND TIRES The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice 1 m sum mmu som Ann crmssus nzcrmcni m numvzns cr uavnoisr Moron v s oN GEHGTGI Motors COI pOI ClTIO DETROIT MICHIGAN ACCESSORIES SPECIFICATIONS I967 Printed In U S Gener I Motors Corporation