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Parts and Accessories Catalog 31 January 1964
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I L W 1 9 5 5 2nd Series I 964 1 A 2 and 2A Ten Trucks envision numnn 2 Reprinted in its Entirety Effective with Parts Release and Change Notice 64 I Dated January I I964 L A V2 CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION l 2 ozneni MOTORS conronnon I DETROIT 2 MICHIGAN All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the g latest product information available attthe time of publication approval Chevrolet Motor lDivision reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in colors materials equipment specifications and models and also to 4 i R discontinue models The prices shown in this catalog under the heading List Prices are suggested prices only 4 P il NOTE Additional data concerning Truck Models can be found in the Supple g mentary Data Section of the Master Parts Catalog P A 30 N I964 P A 3I Revised Chevrolet Mem Division january 1 1944 General Motors Corporation Litho in U A