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Parts and Illustration Catalog 18L April 1993
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INTRODUCTION CARLINE LIGHT TRUCK CATALOG Passenger Car Light Truck Parts Catalogs have been compiled for the purpose of locating identifying and ordering replacement parts All data and specificat ons contained in these pub ications are based on the latest product information available at the time of printing General Motors Service Parts Operations reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in data price specifications materials and model The List Prices shown are suggest ed prices only for sales to consumers Replacement parts are listed in Passenger Car Light Truck catalogs under 17 major groups as shown on the content page Individua parts are assigned a Prime Group number the first numeral of the group identifies the main unit it is affi iated with and following the decimal is the Minor Group number under which all parts of the same name and function are listed For example Group 0 519 Cam shaft The O denotes that it is an Engine Part 519 the Minor Group where all Engine Camshafts are listed Related parts may also be found in the same group Within each group parts are listed by model year vehicle series part number number used per vehicle or R H L H designation suggested list price part name and description Parts may be used in different locations on the car requiring the listing of the part number in more than one group When this Cross Referencing occurs the prime group is shown in brackets i e 1 850 in the description column To locate a listing for a part determine the model vehicle and refer to the group number identifying it which may be determined by using any of the follow ing methods A When the name of the part is known consult the ALPHABETICAL INDEX in the regular Passenger Car Light Truck Catalogs which lists parts by noun name and Group Number where part is listed B Reference may be made to the ILLUSTRATION CATALOG where Group Numbers noun names or part numbers are shown C When a part number is known and model application or a similar part is re quired consult the DEALER PRICE SCHEDULE for the Group Number to locate the part in the Parts Catalog Parts having application or used with optional equipment are identified by Option Number or abbreviation of option Familiarity with Option Numbers will assist in determining correct part required For complete identification of models refer to the specific carline light truck catalog For complete option definition refer to the reference catalog Service part numbers are assigned to individual parts that make up an assembly used in the production of models Certain items may not be listed such as s ort tubing parts or fuel lines that can be made up by dealers from bulk material or attac ing parts may be included in packages with the major assembly and not list ed separately Passenger vehicles contain many parts dimensioned in the metric system These parts are very close in dimension to familiar customary measurements in the inch system It is important that during any vehicle maintenance Erocedure replace ment fasteners have the same measurements as those removed w ether metric or customary Mismatched or incorrect fasteners can result in vehicle damage or malfunction or possibly personal injury Fastener sizes denoted on illustrations may not reflect metric dimensions However since the same vehicle may be bui t with metric or customary fasteners care should be exercised in selecting replacement part equivalent to the original fasteners in dimensions strength and pitch of thread Both metric and customary fasteners required for replacement are listed in the Service Parts Operations Standard Parts Catalog A special Service Parts Operations label saying Metric Fasteners Required in red letters will be used to identify service parts which require metric fasteners but replace parts which originally used inch fasteners This label will enable dealers and over the counter customers to quickly recognize parts which have changed to metric fasteners Right Hand and Left Hand parts are so designated from the driver s position when seated in the vehicle 1993 GENERAL MOTORS SERVICE PARTS OPERATlONS CHEVROLET 18L 2 5 93