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N E S This Thumb Index is for your convenience How INDEX operates Bend book backward to locate black spots appearing on the first page of each group section These spots are in the same relative position as this GROUP INDEX I N D E X j 1 Alphabertical Index Engine 0 000 Clutch 0 78iI Cooling 1 062 PARTS CATALOG A R Electrical F 0 R Z 0 l4 Z 906 Fuel System 3 001 Carburetor 3 725 Pump 3 900 1vronnr s 1929 1954 i 4 003 4 441 Effective MGTCII I l954 Brakes Supersedes Master Parts Catalog effective April 1 1953 P A 30 4 589 b z6 5 PARTS ORDERS TO BE PLACED BY CHEVROLET DEALERS WITH Req Ax e Propeller Shaft GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIVISION 5 38 B 54 W cmzmznr morons conponmrou Universal Joiznt WAREHOUSES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT THE FOLLOWING POINTS 1 Brake Dtumns l Amarillo Texas Des Moines Ia Louisville Ky Portland Maine 548 5 809 ll i G 9i l Detr0it hyrgicln 44imPhE Tea Portland Oregon M a imore E P iwau ee is Birmingham Ala Fm ON gas Minneapolis Minn g fi Q d g I FI I l Axle 6 005 Bloomfield N I Flint Mich New Orleans La Sc 1tL k Cit Utah KNEE A Ctl b11 Boston Mass Great Falls Mont Norwood Ohio Sun Antonio i x 6 351 Buffalo N Y Houston Texas Oakland Cal S P S Charlotte N C Indianapolis Ind Oklahoma City cmnt n St Chicago Ill Iacksonville Fla Okla Samuel W Sh eeung Cleveland Ohio Kansas City Mo Omaha Nebr ShY9V P Yl LQ 6 507 6 886 Dallas Texas Long Island City Philadelphia Pa V H Nuys C lif Denver Colo N Y Pittsburgh Pa Wichita Kansas f mes sh ck Moster Warehouses AM 3iOI Supply Depots Factory Warehouse I Abs rb r 7 003 7 401 CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION T s i 7 412 7 5 35 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION A DETROIT 3 Mm 1 Tire Currier 7 629 Bumpers i 792 All illustrations and specifications contained in this literature are based on the latest c i sheet product information available at the time of publication approval The right is M t 1 8 lJ00 reserved to make changes at any time without notice in prices colors materials stdhdflfd PG S equipment specifications and models and also to discontinue models 8 899 The List Prices shown in this catalog are suggested prices for sales to consumers Miscell 9 008 9 IllI0 I lI e Supplementtary Data glgpyright 151954 D iid 1 30 ileviged Z evro et otor iv sion 1 95 General Motors Corboration Lilllig in U S A Puigdgistcly