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Parts and Accessories Catalog 17L January 1992
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f ATTENTION CATALOG USER JANUARY 19921 Beginning with 1992 model year catalogs many of the charts will be removed and replaced with usage in the form of Catalog State ments residing in both Text and Illustration sections Charts for model years 1987 91 will continue to be displayed in the same format as in the past For 1992 only the following charts will be found in the 17L catalog V Belts Group 1 066 Tune Up Group 2 270 Lamp Sockets Group 2 999 ECM Components Group 3 999 Springs Group 7 412 Adhesive Molding Group 8 132 Seat Belts Group 14 875 Carpet ID Group 15 512 E H EB Tt A m E b R 1 A TEXT 1 Exclusive export usage in the catalog text will be seperated within a group from domestic usage by a line of astericks with the word export included among them Exclusive export usage will appear below the line Domestic parts plus common parts used both export and domestic will appear above the line This change was completed to satisfy requests from U S parts manag ers and to fulfill GM s world wide requirements lf you are looking for export usage but do not find it in the exclusive export section review the parts in the domestic upper section of the group 2 Removal of the W to designate with options W with or W O without will continue to be used in descriptive verbiage