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Parts and Accessories Catalog 35A February 1993
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0IdS b I 1992 93 A PARTS AND ILLUSTRATION CATALOG Exclusive Canadian and or overseas export parts are published in this catalog in order to facilitate vehicles sold in Canada or overseas that may require service in the United States Your feedback and suggestions are requested to assist us in publishing the most complete and comprehensive catalogs possible Please address any correspondence concerning this publication to the attention of the Engineering Department and include your address and dealer code to ensure a timely reply To ensure accurate and timely response to written correspondence involving catalog Illustrations please include the art number displayed in the upper right corner of each illustration Unlike page numbers this number remains constant from publication to publication and provides positive identification 1993 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE REPRODUCED STORED IN ANY RETRIEVAL SYSTEM OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED T0 ELECTRONIC MECHANICAL PHOTOCOPYING RECORDING OR OTHERWISE WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION OF GENERAL MOTORS CORP THIS INCLUDES ALL TEXT ILLUSTRATIONS TABLES AND CHARTS THIS PUBLICATION IS A PRODUCT OF THE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AND ALL DATA HEREIN WAS DERIVED FROM THE LATEST ENGINEERING INFORMATION nsouzsrs Fon pznmxssxom SHOULD BE SENT To General Motors Service Parts Operations 6060 West Bristol Road Fiint M1 48554 Engineering Department 3640 FEBRUARY 1993 OLDSMOBILE 35A PRINTED IN U S A 1993 GENERAL MOTORS SERVICE PARTS OPERATIONS OLDSMOBILE 35A 283 1 I